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Quickly focuses on the development of infrared heating technology for industrial heating and drying processes, providing many types of infrared heater lamps, IR heating modules, and professional consulting services.
Our products can be applied in aerospace, electronics, automobiles, PV solar, construction, plastics and rubber, glass, food, printing and other industries.

About Quickly
  Factory introduction Anhui Quickly Industrial Heating Technology Co., ltd is a family of privately-owned companies focused on the development of infrared heating technology which dramatically reduces the time and space required for industrial heating and drying processes and provides quantum leaps forward in efficiencies for our global customers. QUICKLY has experience in meeting the needs of a broad range of industries. Applications include paper, printing, textiles, non-woven products, liquid coating, powder coating, adhesives, laminating, welding, thermoforming, and annealing. We will continue to provide excellent process heating solutions for today’s industrial needs, and for the challenges of tomorrow. QUICKLY locates in Hefei, Anhui, China, covering 19400 ㎡ of the standard workshop, including 2400 ㎡ office buildings. More than 70 Skilled workers with over 5 years of working experience on average. Dozens of our production employees have been in QUICKLY since the company was first established until today.     Certificates Certified by International standards such as ISO9001, CE, GIG, etc.   Thanks to its experienced management and skilled workers, QUICKLY's infrared heating products and services have been exported to the world including European countries like Germany, Austria, Poland, Italy, Spain, Ukraine, Russia, North America like the United States, Canada, Mexico, South America like Peru, Brazil, Venezuela, Ecuador, Chile, Africa like South Africa, Ghana, Egypt, and many Asian countries. Our management team is professional and experienced in infrared heating solutions for industrial applications. In 14 years, we have dramatically reduced the time and space required for industrial heating and drying processes and provide quantum leaps forward in efficiencies for our global customers.     Thank you for letting us serve you. I pledge that we are dedicated to offering you world-class products promptly and with the best service and pricing possible. Our team provides excellent technical infrared heat consultants and application support, ensuring that the right products are selected for your unique situation each and every time. We look forward to working together with you.    
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