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W shape infrared tubular short wave quartz IR heater lamps for food heating

In addition to the standard emitters, we also design and manufacture emitters in all kinds of shapes. W shape emitter, Omega-type emitters, Bended tube-type emitters, Spiral-type emitters, U-type emitters, Round-type emitters, and other customized shapes emitters

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    5-7 work days
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infrared welding heater lamps

Quartz glass infrared heater lamps is playing the significant part of plastic components welding. Energy from the IR heater lamps is absorbed by the material and transformed into heat, the heat is transferred without contact, and the heat input is fast, specific and energy-efficient.

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NIR infrared heater lamps

Infrared emitters are custom based on clients' requests including shape. Out of precise heating, infrared heater lamps at different shapes will be applied based on the heated object property and location.

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NIR infrared heater lamps

From welding of plastic components to glue activation, from heating of PET preforms to curing of paints on plastic. QUICKLY is able to design and provide specific modules according to the customers’ needs along with the rich experience and to the deep knowledge of the production processes.

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short wave quartz IR heater emitters

Whether you're looking to replacement for your current production line or start a new heating project, we will work with you to develop and design an infrared emitter to your needs.

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NIR infrared heater lamps

circular round shaped short wave quartz infrared heaters are comprise finely coiled tungsten filament surrounded by a quartz glass and kinds of halogen gas. Circular round short wave infrared lamps heating element for plastic welding.

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fast medium wave IR heater lamp

Fast medium wave quartz IR emitters can be made to single tube and double tube, and gold coating and ceramic white coating are available, in addition, length, power, voltage even shape all are customized.

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spiral shape infrared heating lamps

Medium Wave Emitters generally consist of a resistance winding enclosed in an un-evacuated quartz tube. Medium wave is generally characterized by the presence of orange or red light. Each of these wave lengths and elements have there own particular advantages and disadvantages when solving a particular heating application

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short wave infrared emitters

Twin tube infrared lamp is made up of 8-shape high-purity clear quartz twin tube, each tube has Heating Coil of Tungsten material which runs in U shape in the tube which is filled with halogen gas.

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