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Quartz Glass Heater Infrared Ruby Lamps 1500W 230V

Low glare stabilization, constant color throughout life, choice of R7s and SK15 ceramic end base

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ruby infrared heating lamps

Ruby IR lamps provide warmth without glare. They are ideal for people heating, as well as animal husbandry and paint drying. They are available as slim or jacketed types.

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infrared ruby sleeved lamp 1100w

Ruby infrared lamps are made up of ruby quartz tube and tungsten filament, it is vacuum lamp, they are available as slim or jacketed types.

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single tube infrared lamps for PET blower

Infrared lamps radiation has been utilizd to preform heating processing in PET bottle production. The heating quality of the preform directly determines the quality and output of the PET bottle. Quickly NIR lamps have become the most trusted brand of various bottle blowing machine manufacturers because of its high heating efficiency, rapid response and stable quality.

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Short wave IR heating lamp

This product is used to install single tube IR heating lamp, especially for short wave IR heating lamp with SK end ceramic caps. Usually we provide you 2 clips each lamp free of charge.

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Twin Tube Carbon Fiber IR Heater With Gold Reflector Quartz Infrared Heating Lamp For Powder Curing Oven Elements

Carbon Fiber is a pure black body heating material.There is almost no visible light in the electro-thermal conversion process,more than 30% energy saving than the traditional metal electric heating materials. It has the characteristics of rapid temperature rise, small thermal hysteresis,uniform heat generation,long heat radiation transmission distance and fast heat exchange rate.

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gold coating short wave heater lamps

Twin tube IR emitter is made up of 8-shape high-purity clear quartz twin tube, each tube has Heating Coil of Tungsten material which runs in U shape in the tube which is filled with halogen gas.Power Density up to 150KW/m2 is achieved. Heating up and cooling down time is approximately one second. There are two standard sizes 11 mm x 23 mm and 15 mm x 33 mm in cross section for twin tube short wave IR radiators, and the maximum length available is 4000 mm

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Medium wave IR heating lamp

This Item is mainly used for Twin tube Twin Tube Medium Wave IR heater lamp , if the lamp length is over 1800mm, which we may recommend you use three support holders to have one hold in the middle of the twin tube heater. Usually we provide you 2 pcs per lamp for free.      

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gold coating short wave heater lamps

QUICKLY 8 shape twin tube  infrared emitters are made of high-quality quartz tubes and feature a gold reflector for the highest efficiency

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