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Tungsten Filament Ruby Infrared Emitters without glare

Ruby IR lamps provide warmth without glare. They are ideal for people heating, as well as animal husbandry and paint drying. They are available as slim or jacketed types.

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quartz infrared heating elements

Low glare stabilization, constant color throughout life, choice of R7s and SK15 ceramic end base

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infrared ruby sleeved lamp 1100w

Ruby infrared lamps are made up of ruby quartz tube and tungsten filament, it is vacuum lamp, they are available as slim or jacketed types.

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single tube IR heater lamp

single tube carbon fiber medium wave heating tube infrared lamp 380V 2000W, tube diameters are available as 10mm, 11mm, 12mm, 13mm, 15mm, 18mm, 20mm, and reflector one tube surface for directed heat radiation, Long average lifespan and Low running costs.

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custom quartz infrared emitters for all different applications and working situation  

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Twin tube infrared lamp is made up of 8-shape high-purity clear quartz twin tube, each tube has Heating Coil of Tungsten material which runs in U shape in the tube which is filled with halogen gas.

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Replaceable Oven Infrared Heating Elements Halogen Quartz IR Paint Curing Lamp For Plastic/MDF/Leather/Metal Coating Drying

Quickly manufactures infrared paint curing lamps in virtually any length,Wattage,and Voltage combination for new applications or direct replacement into existing equipment.By using our IR Emitters,our customers experience the following advantages: 1、Very cost effective 2、Long life 3、Fast delivery time 4、Clear or Translucent quartz 5、White or gold reflector 6、Vertical and/or horizontal operation 7、Fast heat up and cool down 8、Mechanical durability:  Good 9、Multiple end-cap terminations  

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quartz glass tubular infrared heaters lamps

Carbon infrared heaters have heating elements made from woven carbon fibers which are housed in quartz. They operate at around 1,200C and emit medium wave length radiation,it dries water-based coatings more efficiently than short-wave infrared radiators.

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fast medium wave IR heater lamps

Fast medium wave infrared heaters can design twin tube IR emitters with different filament configurations such as single side connection cable and two sides connection cable, one heating channel and two heating channels. The Max. length is up to 4.0 meters and all the fast medium wave IR heat lamps can be fixed white ceramic or gold reflector directly on the quartz tube.

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