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halogen lamps infrared heating module systems with water cooling system

A water cooling system can lengthen the heaters lamp's lifespan

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infrared heating module IR heating units

Each infrared lamp bead can be controlled by the single-chip microcomputer to control its power output, so that the temperature of each area is close to same, and the temperature error can be ±1 °C, which greatly improves the quality of the product.

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industrial heating system IR lamps

Anhui Quickly's infrared modules are the ideal solution for the application of infrared heat technology. They save the user design costs and time and are substantially less expensive than the complete infrared systems.

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short wave lamps infrared heating module

Quartz tube infrared heater lamp are sold as individual heat sources or wired together in multiple emitter cassettes also known as IR Modules. QUICKLY focuses on custom infrared solutions, but we have also developed a series of IR heating system.

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short wave infrared heating unit curing system

Fast Infrared paint quick drying curing system for cables production process, realizing 30% energy saving, at the same time, it improves the quality of the product.

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infrared heating module

Anhui Quickly infrared modules are extremely flexible and can be retrofitted into your existing systems as modules.  

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Inkjet Drying Systems Replacement Quartz Infrared Halogen Electric Heating Lamps

Quickly manufactures quartz infrared lamps in virtually any length,Wattage,and Voltage combination for new applications or direct replacement into existing equipment.By using our IR Emitters,our customers experience the following advantages: 1、Very cost effective 2、Long life 3、Fast delivery time 4、Clear or Translucent quartz 5、White or gold reflector 6、Vertical and/or horizontal operation 7、Fast heat up and cool down 8、Mechanical durability:  Good 9、Multiple end-cap terminations  

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3D Contours Gold Reflector Quartz Halogen Infrared Heaters Heating Element For IR Plastic Welding Systems

Our Infrared Heating Lamp can help you create virtually seamless joints for virtually any application, including: wearables, smart textiles, earbuds, cameras, speaker boxes, cellphones and accessories, tablets, ink and toner cartridges, medical devices and instruments and more. Our process uses no adhesives, so you get a clean, reliable join in seconds, lowering manufacturing costs while accelerating production. Advantages with infrared welding: 1.Contactless heat transmission, no material adheres to the heat source 2.Infrared emitters heat the surface of plastics within seconds 3.Infrared preheating element can be precisely shaped to follow edges, rims and contours and heat these areas specifically 4.Infrared heating lamp heat selectively and reproducibly, which allows automation of the processes

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Medium wave IR heating lamp

This Item is mainly used for Twin tube Twin Tube Medium Wave IR heater lamp , if the lamp length is over 1800mm, which we may recommend you use three support holders to have one hold in the middle of the twin tube heater. Usually we provide you 2 pcs per lamp for free.      

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