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SK15 End Base Infrared Tube Heating Element Mounted Clips Infrared Emitters Holder

This product is used to install single tube IR heating lamp, especially for short wave IR heating lamp with SK end ceramic caps.

Usually we provide you 2 clips each lamp free of charge.

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    Metal grey
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    5-7 work days
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Medium wave IR heating lamp

This Item is mainly used for Twin tube Twin Tube Medium Wave IR heater lamp , if the lamp length is over 1800mm, which we may recommend you use three support holders to have one hold in the middle of the twin tube heater. Usually we provide you 2 pcs per lamp for free.      

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Carbon fiber IR heating lamp

Reflector 1. which can help to reflect the light radiated from the lamps to focus on the object, saving energy & inproving working efficiency 2. besides, you can adjust the reflector's grdient by the ajustable device at two sides to realze the best drying position 3. the longest reflector can be 3000mm, available for single tube and twin tube

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Quartz Infrared Heaters

Special shape infrared heating emitters developed according to the requirements of a factory, twin tube, one tube is used as a heating tube, and the other used as a holder. The heated product is placed on the holder for targeted heating! Advantages of special infrared emitters: Directed heating of edges, corners, rims and small surfaces High power on a small area Shut on and off within seconds Automation of complex processes Saves energy because heat is generated only where it is needed.  

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QUICKLY 8 shape twin tube  infrared emitters are made of high-quality quartz tubes and feature a gold reflector for the highest efficiency

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Infrared quartz emitters, thanks to their performance and efficiency, are widely used in any thermal process including Photovoltaic Industry. Short-Wave Infrared emitters produce infrared waves of around 0.75 – 1.4 microns in wavelength and operate at high temperatures above 1,300 – 2,6000C.

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industrial heating system IR lamps

Anhui Quickly's infrared modules are the ideal solution for the application of infrared heat technology. They save the user design costs and time and are substantially less expensive than the complete infrared systems.

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infrared heating module IR heating units

Each infrared lamp bead can be controlled by the single-chip microcomputer to control its power output, so that the temperature of each area is close to same, and the temperature error can be ±1 °C, which greatly improves the quality of the product.

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quartz infrared heating elements

Low glare stabilization, constant color throughout life, choice of R7s and SK15 ceramic end base

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